Other Areas of Practice

Belleville IL Trucking Accident Attorney

In addition to auto & trucking accidents…

Jeff can help you with accidents involving motorcycles, motor homes, pickup trucks, buses, vans, campers, tractors, bull dozers, boats, trains, bicycles and numerous other modes of transportation.


Injuries on properties not only occur because of slipping or tripping…

Injuries resulting from falls on properties are very common but injuries can result from other causes than slipping or tripping because of ice or debris.  Jeff can help you with injuries resulting from escalators, elevators, ladders, power tools, defective products, falling objects, insufficient lighting, dog bites, and numerous other wrongful actions of others.


Dangerous products can cause injuries…

Almost any product you use or consume on a daily basis can prove to be defective or dangerous causing life changing injuries.  If you believe that you suffered an injury because of a defective and dangerous product call Jeff for a free consultation to learn what compensation to which you may be entitled.


Unfortunately injuries can also result in the death of a loved one…

The death of a loved one can be devastating especially when it is the result of the wrongful actions of someone else.  Jeff can help navigate these trying times and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Jeff will use experience gained from years of representing insurance companies, corporations and local municipalities to get you compensation for your injuries.  All initial consultations are free and Jeff does not get paid until you do.  Call Jeff at (618) 222-2800, or schedule a free consultation online.