The Real Cost of Slips and Falls

Accidents happen. We’ve all heard this phrase before, and there is some real truth to that statement. Accidents do happen, in the sense that yes, random acts of misfortune can happen to innocent people through no fault of anyone. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, an “accident” isn’t really an accident; it’s an avoidable incident.

Falls account for 8 million hospital visits per year and are the leading cause of trop to the ER.

If a party doesn’t take reasonable action to remedy an unsafe situation, they’re liable for injuries that occur as a result. In order to bring harm to someone, an action isn’t needed. Indeed, often inaction is far more harmful than any action. Did they know about it? Could this have been avoided? These are questions swirling around the head of any slip and fall victim.

Who is at fault?

Determining who is at fault and if an accident could have been avoided is best left to your attorney. Jeff Kopis is an experienced slip and fall attorney in Belleville, Illinois, who has been in practice for over 25 years. During that time, Jeff has handled slip and fall cases in both Illinois and Missouri at both the state and federal levels.

If an individual, company, institution, or entity did not take the proper steps to rectify a safety hazard, they are not just irresponsible, they are liable. Jeff will fight for you and what is rightfully yours.

What has this fall cost you?

Take a moment to consider all your fall has cost you, or what it can/will cost you in the future. First, the obvious, is your injury itself. Even if this injury will heal, you still have the pain and disruption to your life it has caused. Even injuries that heal leave lasting affects on your body. Then, of course, there are permanent injuries that irreversibly affect your quality of life.

Plus, you have medical bills to deal with, be they short-term or long term. You also have possible lost wages. This doesn’t just include wages lost during the initial injury, but wages you may lose in the future due to medical procedures or damage caused by lingering issues.

Don’t discount your own pain and anguish either. No irresponsible person has the right to inflict that suffering on you. If they had the knowledge and the ability to prevent an accident, that’s exactly what happened.

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